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Bathing Mitt

Bathing Mitt

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Make your Pampered Pooch soap last longer!

Designed to give you and your dog the best experience with our Pampered Pooch dog soap, these mesh bathing mitts are the perfect addition to your pooch bathing arsenal! These mitts will help produce a better lather, give you a better grip, and help make your soap last longer. Each order is sold as a pair.

Long-lasting soap: By having a better grip on your soap, you are able to give your dog a better lather, which will result in less of your soap being used up. Not only is it a soap-saver, but it also saves you from having to buy more dog soap sooner!

Stronger grip: Doggy bath time just got a whole lot easier! These mitts will allow you to hold a stronger grip on your bar of soap and make bath time easier for you and your pup. You no longer have to stress about dropping your pup’s soap or having it slipping out of your hands frequently.