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Pampered Pooch Dog Soap

Pampered Pooch Dog Soap

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Give your dog a safer and more gentle cleaning experience!

Are you sick of traditional dog soaps that contain harsh chemicals, leaving your pup’s skin feeling irritated and itchy? With our Pampered Pooch dog soap, you can give your furry friend the ultimate cleaning experience without damaging their skin or coat, while also giving them benefits that will last days or even weeks after their wash! Get yours today!

Hypoallergenic: The Pampered Pooch dog soap contains ingredients that avoid allergic reactions AND benefit your dog’s skin, rather than harm it. Featuring natural solutions like Goats milk, which contains healthy amounts of Selenium and Vitamin A, your dog is sure to have a healthy, happy coat!

Gentle cleansing experience: Most chemicals in traditional dog soaps have detrimental effects that will disrupt the natural balance of oils on a dog’s skin, which can lead to itchiness and discomfort. We formulated our dog soap to effectively clean your dog’s coat and skin without depriving them of those essential oils. Pampered Pooch dog soap is designed to not only give your pooch a soft and shiny coat, but also give them a relaxing cleaning experience.

Aromatherapy benefits: While Pampered Pooch dog soaps contain essential oils like Tea Tree oil and Cedarwood oil, they also have aromatherapy benefits that make your loved one smell fresh for up to a week after a wash! No more “wet dog” smell or short-lasting scents!

(This product is a solid bar that is glycerin-based and contains Goats milk, Tea Tree oil, Cedarwood oil, and fragrance oil)