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Pampered Pooch Pup Perfume

Pampered Pooch Pup Perfume

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Keep your pooch smelling fresh for even longer!

Allow your pup to stand out and smell good no matter the occasion. Featuring our Pampered Pooch Pup Perfume, all it takes is one spray to leave your pooch smelling fantastic. Perfect for on-the-go, special occasions, or just in between baths. This baby powder scented fragrance pairs perfectly with the Pampered Pooch dog soap!

Condition skin & hair: You won't have to worry about a greasy, smelly coat on your dog with our Pup Perfume. Containing a dry oil base, our solution revitalizes the skin and hair of your dog while leaving a silky-shine coat that smells amazing.

Resist unwanted odors: Your dog can develop odors that may stick to their coat during many types of activities. Our Pampered Pooch Pup Perfume is just what you need to neutralize those stinky aromas and leave your pup smelling fresh and pleasant!

Enhanced cleanliness: After any bath or grooming session, it takes just one spray of our Pup Perfume to allow your pooch to maintain that freshly groomed scent for even longer! You can also use this fragrance to keep your pup's fresh smell in between baths.