We support Paws Crossed Dog Rescue in Brewton, AL.

About Us

At My Pampered Pooch, we are passionate about pampering your furry family members. Our mission is clear: we prioritize the happiness and healthiness of our customers, both human and canine. We’re committed to providing the best experience possible while maintaining top-quality service for your beloved companion.

Our Core Values:

  • Human & dog relationship: We cherish the special bond between humans and dogs, and we’re dedicated to strengthening it with our products!
  • Local community: We love our local community. That is why we donate a portion of our dog soaps to Paws Crossed Dog Rescue in Brewton, AL.
  • Excellent customer experience: We highly value an exceptional customer service and experience, and we are proud to be your choice for your pet's needs.

What sets My Pampered Pooch apart?

Unlike "Big soap" brands that use harsh chemicals and ingredients, we offer high-quality products crafted with all-natural ingredients for your pet’s well-being. To top that, we believe in supporting the pups that haven’t yet found a loving family and to make sure they are happy and healthy until they find their new forever-home. We are also devoted to providing a great customer experience that keeps tails wagging and customers smiling!